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He's here!

Oct. 27th, 2007 | 08:57 am
mood: sleepysleepy

Our baby boy was born on October 16th at 1:58PM. Check out photos and more info at his website: http://isaacrussell.spaces.live.com. :-) 

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Our Last Vacation

Sep. 9th, 2007 | 05:31 pm
mood: nostalgicnostalgic

I can’t believe I never posted about our last vacation. Erik and I went to Naples, FL from July 1st-15tth. It was the most relaxing vacation ever.  Our hardest decision for each day was to pick out which restaurant we were going to eat at that night. It was beautiful! We ate at a lot of fancy restaurants and some not-so-fancy ones too. We, of course, hit up The Melting Pot b/c I am obsessed with that place. We were saddened to realize the Melting Pot in Naples had been closed, but just 20 minutes from us there was an open one in Ft Meyers. It was a great evening. Although, there was a bridal party right next to us, and they were very loud. So, it wasn’t the most romantic trip to the Melting Pot, but it was still very tasty. One from our not-so-fancy list, we ate at the Michelbob’s (not to mention a trip to Taco Bell, Pizza Hut [the Pizzones are un-good] and many more fast food joints for a quick fix). We almost made two trips there over the vacation b/c they have the best BBQ everything! Instead, we had a few other places we wanted to make sure we went to. A new restaurant for us this trip was Café Lurcat on 5th Ave in down town Old Naples. We had the yummiest meal; salad, flank steak, and warm cinnamon-sugar doughnuts for dessert. They were little guys, and they were so tasty! After that dinner we went walking down the strip, and stopped at the candy shop. We had planned to get ice cream, but the doughnuts filled us up. So, we bought a bunch of candy instead. HA! I think we spent the rest of that evening lying in bed watching HGTV. It was a hard couple weeks, I know. 

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Arbonne Special - ends tomorrow!

Aug. 30th, 2007 | 02:22 pm
mood: energeticenergetic

Hey everybody,

I've got this great special going until tomorrow!! Let me know if you'd like to take advantage.

If you're not sure you'd like to order b/c you haven't even tried Arbonne yet, let me know. I can send you a sample to try. :-) 

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My birthday!

Aug. 27th, 2007 | 10:59 pm
mood: lovedloved

I have a lot of catching up to do on here. I have a lot I want to update  b/c life has been so good, and b/c I'll be able to look back on this journal when I'm old and grey. ;-)

I'll start wth my birthday. August 5th, 2007:

My birthday this year was a blast! Erik and I celebrated on August 4th, a day early. I had to be ready by 9:30am to start my spa day at 10am. When Erik dropped me off at the spa I immediately had a foot soak and the beginnings of a foot massage. From there I got a full body massage. Since I am pregnant I had to lie on my sides to get the massage. It was still heavenly! The massage ended with a paraffin treatment on my feet, and more foot massaging. I love foot massages! I could have had 50 minutes of just foot massage. That’s just bliss! After the massage I had a facial. It was a little painful this time, and I got a bit over heated, but I still enjoyed it and it did some good things for my skin in the long run. :-)

After I was spoiled with a spa day, Erik picked me up for a movie. We saw Hot Rod. It was quite comical. We ate lunch at the theatre. Nothing like a hot dog and some pretzels dipped in cheese. I’m pretty easy to please. And I rhyme…check me out!

After some relaxation back at home I got my self all dolled up for dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak house. I had never been, and I was not disappointed. The filet and sides were so tasty. Then they brought out our chocolate desert with one pink candle in it. That was so sweet. The best part; the cake was on the house. :-) Ok, the real best part; a wonderful relaxing day all planned by my wonderful husband. I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

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A Riddle

Jul. 12th, 2007 | 08:47 am
location: Naples, FL
mood: contentcontent

A riddle from the genius of Erik Porter...answer if you dare. :-) 

What has two butts and is soft in the middle?

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Jun. 21st, 2007 | 08:35 am
mood: enthralledenthralled

On Tuesday we had our ultrasound. It was so exciting seeing the baby for the first time. It was great to put a visual on what I have been feeling inside of me for some time now. The baby's healthy, and all his measurements checked out. And yes...we're having a BOY! We're so excited!! 

I'll put our sonogram "behind the cut"...enjoy! 

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The Move

Jun. 11th, 2007 | 10:55 am

Friday, June 1st should have been day 1 of moving. It was more like day .5. For some reason one of the women at the front decided to move our carpet cleaning from May 31st to June 1st. So the carpets were wet all day on Friday – the day we should have been moving in. Luckily we didn’t rent a truck or have the help of our friends until Saturday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get as much done as we would have liked to before they came to help. We also had to continue moving on Sunday when we would have been done on Saturday. Minor inconveniences, but a bit frustrating none the less.

While the carpets were wet we decided to go in bare foot and check the place out. We had painters come in to do accent walls on Tuesday so that they would be done well before we moved in. That way I wouldn’t have to deal with the fumes and we could move everything into place right away. Guess what…the walls looked horrible! There were streaks of different colors on each wall. So, they had to come back and repaint each wall. The painter who came to repaint said “Yea, you have to paint the whole wall – not just parts of it.” I guess that is what they had done. One corner of the baby’s room had actually been painted with the chosen color and one color from another wall, and instead of totally repainting it they just fixed it for the rest of the wall. So, the corner was discolored. Anyway, the repainter (ha…just made that up, but you’re following me, right?) paints all the other walls and only paints the discolored portion of the baby wall. Then he says to me “I painted over the corner of the wall that was discolored. If it still doesn’t match the rest of the wall I’ll come back and paint the whole thing.” Alright, let’s revisit the other quote from the middle of this paragraph and the beginning of my conversations with him. ““Yea, you have to paint the whole wall – not just parts of it.”” Guess what…the repainter was supposed to come on Friday to paint the whole baby wall! OYE! He didn’t end up showing up…imagine that! It has taken them 3 times to get this right. I am so not paying full price for their service – if anything at all!

Despite the accent wall fiasco the move went swimmingly. A whole lot of our friends came on Saturday and helped us move everything!! It was so awesome of them. They really worked their tushy’s off. After most of their hard work we hung out a bit and had pizza, pop and desserts. Then it was the last load. Everyone finished, went home and Erik and I did a bit more work before calling it a night in our new place.

On Sunday we cleaned, unpacked and went to a movie to unwind a bit. We saw Knocked Up – go see it! On Monday, I unpacked over 14 boxes. I was a machine. J So, we’ve got a whole lot done and will be all settled in in no time. This is going much faster than our last move. That’s probably because I did all the packing rather than the movers who threw stuff in random boxes and placed them in random rooms. We also have a lot more room to put everything, and I’ve been told it’s a “nesting” thing as well. Instinctively I am preparing for this baby, I guess. 

So, there ya have it. The move – nearly complete. Pictures coming soon…

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Our Anniversary

Jun. 11th, 2007 | 10:50 am

Erik and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary as husband and wife on the 28th of May. We actually took most of the weekend to celebrate. It’s great having your anniversary on Memorial Day. We had three days to hang out and do a little packing too (more on the move later).

On Saturday, the 26th, Erik and I went to see the Snoqualmie Falls. It was beautiful, and the weather was really nice. After the Falls, some walking around and perusing the gift shop, we had an amazing dinner at The Dining Room in the Salish Lodge. The lodge is right next to the Falls, and our dinner table had the perfect view looking right down to it. We were seated in the back corner by the window. It was secluded with a beautiful view…just perfect.

We had the best service and the food was entertaining and excellent. Even the water was fancy! I started out with a salad and Erik tried the Pear Sampler. Pear prepared in 4 different ways. I didn’t realize you could do more than just wash and eat. ;-) He loved it!! Our meal was for two, and was prepared right in front of us. It was called Oregon Country Beef Roast “Chateaubriand” with yukon gold potatoes anna and bérnaise sauce. Delicious!!

The presentation for each meal was stunning, and the dessert was no different. My Candied Lemon Crème Brûlé with Strawberry Lime Sorbet came out on a long rectangular dish with four small squares of Crème Brûlé and decorative scoops of the sorbet atop. Sitting on the middle scoop of the sorbet was a lime green spiral of sugar…it was really neat! Erik’s dessert came in a huge white bowl. It was a mound of truffle covered in dark chocolate with huckleberry sorbet. He loved it!  

We plan to go again, but next time we’ll be staying at the Salish Lodge. If the lodge is anywhere near as impressive as the restaurant we are in for a treat.

It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate our 2 years of marriage and 8 years of togetherness. We’re so happy it almost makes us sick. J

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Exciting Arbonne News!

Apr. 30th, 2007 | 05:43 pm
mood: impressedimpressed

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My first win!

Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 01:47 pm
mood: jubilantjubilant

Friday night I sang at the National Association of Teachers of Singing competition, and I won my division: College 2. That's the first time I've won...woohoo! Last year I came in 2nd, and probably every year before that as well. I think I get 50 bucks for winning. I'm in the money now! On Saturday I sang in the Winner's Recital. It was a lot of fun! All went well! :-)

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